Armed Defensive Tactics
Course Info
Location: 2a Maude Street, Belmont and Maitland District Pistol Club. Duration: 5-10 days Date: from 1st February, 2021 Price: Stage 1 $1095, Stage 2 $1495, 1&2 $1995, Stage 3 $1495, 1,2&3 $3240

Firearms Instructor & Defensive Tactics


On successful completion of the full Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor programs the candidate receives the following:
1. Defensive Tactics Instructor certification (PPCT/LESTA)
2. Defensive tactics units Statement of Attainment (AQF qualification – includes baton, handcuffs & defensive tactics)
3. Firearms Instructor qualification (PPCT/LESTA)
4. Firearms units Statement of Attainment (AQF qualification)
5. Dynamic Simulation Instructor Certification, and
6. Spontaneous Knife Defence Instructor (depending on experience level of participants due to
time constraints).

The completion of these instructor programs will qualify under ASQA rules as the vocational competencies (at least to the level being taught or higher), professional development (for those recertifying), and part of the required credentials (can often use assessments you develop on course for TAE40116 or upgrade units under TAE) and current industry skills.

Law Enforcement & Security Training Australia Pty Ltd ACN 124 847 409 RTO: 31555 NSW Master Lic: 409680208 Training has been designed exclusively for security, law enforcement, and corrections industry instructors, to enable them to meet the needs of the changing training industry.


Human Factor Science (PPCT), Peter Rowe, Adam Wright and Law Enforcement & Security Training Australia P/L (LESTA) staff instructors will be conducting a Defensive Tactics Instructor program at 2a Maude Street, Belmont and our Firearms Instructor program at 2a Maude Street, Belmont (range component at the Maitland District Pistol Club, Beryl Humble Sporting Complex, Metford Rd, Tenambit), in February 2021.

The program is comprised of the following components:
• Defensive Tactics Instructor/Recertification
• Firearms Instructor
• Firearms Instructor Recertification
• Dynamic Simulation Instructor
• Spontaneous Knife Defence Instructor (if time permits)

The Firearms Instructor program places heavy emphasis on the firearms competency standards from the national training package as required for NSW licensing. The manual covers the new firearms laws, course design, conducting simulations and scenario’s, course assessment, pistols & revolvers and teaching techniques.

The Defensive Tactics Instructor program covers all the defensive tactics units for NSW security licensing and will qualify participants in those techniques for teaching purposes.
We are introducing to the course the latest from the PPCT/Human Factor Science USA Threat Pattern Recognition techniques offering aspects of firearms training that will be 5-10 years ahead of the mainstream training in Australia, including within the law enforcement community.


For ease of reference the course has been broken up into four stages. All new entrants must complete Stage 1 & 2 to obtain the Firearms Instructor certification.

Current firearms instructors who hold a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment can take Stage 2 as an individual module in order to re-qualify or update their skills/certification. Evidence of current accreditation will be required prior to enrolments being accepted (certified copy of evidence)

Stage 1*
5 days
Firearms handling skills, coaching. Includes law and use-of-force, Occupational Health & Safety, range practice and Legal Aspects of Training. New Training package units
48 hours during Week 1 plus home assignments during stages 1 and 2. Offered IF sufficient numbers and dates will depend on numbers and availability – please contact Peter Rowe to organise. Small numbered groups may take 4 days with extended hours.
Stage 2
5 days
Scenario’s and simulations. Dynamic simulations. Advanced practices, low light shooting etc. Threat Pattern Recognition laser training. Law
88 hours class contact time over Week 1 & 2. 40 hours during Week 2 (Week 2 only if currently licensed/qualified as an instructor – evidence will be required).

*Stage 1 will only be offered if demand indicates sufficient course numbers.

5 days
Defensive Tactics Instructor
40 hours (which includes PPCT International Certification). Re-certification only (2 days)

The Firearms Instructor program places heavy emphasis on the firearms competency standards from the national training package as required for NSW licensing.
The HFRG Tactical Team Close-Quarter-Countermeasures Course is designed to provide tactical team operators with non-lethal force options.
The Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force (TPR UoF) Manual is the newest version of the the successful Defensive Tactics program taught by HFRG/PPCT for close to 40 years.