Disruptive Student Management
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Disruptive Student Management


The HFRG Disruptive Student Management Course is designed to control the “physical actions” of student violence. This course does not explore the psychology of violence or the socioeconomic or family issues that lead to violence. Instead, the course focuses on controlling actions of physical violence directed at another student, a teacher, or another staff member. The techniques are very specific to actions of physical violence that teachers commonly encounter. They are not based on a general premise of self-defense that simply utilises martial arts techniques; rather they are based on principles of control and/or evasion.


  • Use of Force Human Factors
  • Instructor Development and Training Protocols
  • HFRG Control Principles
  • HFRG Tactical Handcuffing System
  • Escort Position and Joint Lock Control
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics
  • Defensive Counterstrikes
  • HFRG Shoulder Pin Restraint System
  • HFRG Impact Weapon System
  • HFRG Weapon Retention and Disarming System


  1. To instruct a subject control system that is considered reasonable by teachers, administrators, parents and the courts.
  2. To teach control techniques that have minimal probability for student injury.
  3. To teach a subject control system based upon techniques that do not rely on size and strength and that can be easily learned and retained.
  4. To refine student technique to the instructor level.
  5. To teach instuctional methods designed to enhance a student’s ability to learn survival techniques, increase his/her confidence level, and assist in the successful application of physical techniques

Health care facilities and services are constantly faced with the increased violence toward their staff. The HFRG Violent Patient Management System is specifically designed to control patient violence using medically approved techniques that meet the control needs of staff, while meeting the liability concerns of administrators.
The Firearms Instructor program places heavy emphasis on the firearms competency standards from the national training package as required for NSW licensing.
The Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force (TPR UoF) Manual is the newest version of the the successful Defensive Tactics program taught by HFRG/PPCT for close to 40 years.